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Invest in the new Germany

Why German real estate can be an attractive investment

The press has well reported the fact that Germany is experiencing unprecedented economic growth and its long-term prospects are good.  This is at a time when the economies in most of the rest of Europe are developing distinctly in the opposite direction and suffering the stifling effects of austerity.

Germany appears to be an attractive island of security and prosperity.  But for those who don’t know the language, culture and ways of doing business, it is a remote and inhibiting place.  Portfolio Germany can provide you not only with good property investment opportunities – we specialize in secure rental income producing properties with good return on investment –  but also the professional support and information that will enable you to step into the German real estate market, to participate in Germany’s growth and security and to share its real prosperity. 

If you are interested in German real estate, please take a look at our Choice Portfolio and High Yield Portfolio (properties with more than 9% yield). 

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Our choice investment opportunities in Germany

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